Jill Lien

Established by Michael and Jill Lien, Big Horn Wellness is ‘solution focused’ and committed to supporting and assisting clients achieve optimum wellness.

Through thorough assessment and true partnering with our clients we develop a deep understanding of the personal challenges each individual is facing. We are then able to develop an effective program that addresses difficulties and progresses on to support our clients as they achieve success in reaching their individual goals and objectives
Having enjoyed a long career working successfully within the field of Health & Safety, Human Resources, Counselling and Hypnosis in the United Kingdom and having recently relocated to Lovell, Wyoming our objective is to help our clients here live their best lives!
Big Horn Wellness has been established to help anyone who feels that it is time for them to transform their lives for the better! We are 'your results' orientated and, using a range of transformational tools, we can empower you to make the changes in your life necessary to reach your true potential!

Many people unconsciously allow their minds to imprison their bodies due to suppressed feelings and emotions. We can help you to release these negative experiences and emotions and truly heal, leading to permanent positive change. Whether it is an addiction of any kind, anxiety and confidence issues, performance difficulty , OCD, PTSD or phobia that is making your life so difficult, there are underlying reasons for the difficulties you struggle with.

A qualified, certified and experienced Hypnotist, Jill is also a certified Wellness Coach, Life Coach and experienced in the use of NLP.

Why People Choose Us


Our Holistic approach means that we provide support that looks at the whole person taking into consideration your physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.


Our methods are effective in producing a successful outcome for you as you partner with us and we work together (it's a team effort!).


Achieving the changes that you want to make in yourself and your life is transforming!