Obesity and excess weight !

Human biology has evolved to keep body fat within a range that supports survival. During the last 25 years, obesity biologists have uncovered key aspects of physiology that prevent fat mass from becoming too low. In contrast, the mechanisms that counteract excessive adipose expansion are largely unknown. Evidence dating back to the 1950s suggests the existence of a blood-borne molecule that defends against weight gain.

Historically, fatness was a desirable attribute associated with social status, wealth, and fertility. Although this view is still dominant in certain cultures, the Western world recognizes adiposity as a chronic condition that hampers human health. Individuals with obesity are often stigmatized, and many lean individuals erroneously believe that severe overweight is a self-inflicted situation caused by eating too much and exercising too little. The simplicity of this thinking is opposed by the complex causes of obesity and by the "brainteasing" biology that makes it very hard for millions of people to fight their own weight issues.

Why do we gain weight?

There are many factors that can lead to us gaining weight, these include the following, we may suffer from one of more of these factors :-
. Genetics
. Lifestyle
. Physical or emotional injury
. Medication
. Poor sleep

What can we do about it?

There are so many diets advertised across the media and pretty much anyone you speak to will have an opinion on what to do! Achieving a healthy weight is a very personal thing and in order to be successful you need a personalized, holistic plan that is sustainable and individual to you. Big Horn Wellness can optimize your successful move to pursue your weight-loss through working closely with you and using a number of customized tools. Talk to us without obligation; the consultation is confidential and free of any cost.